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Chapstick Lesbian Meaning – HER

If a

lip stick lesbian

could be the hyper-femme one in a gay commitment, a

chapstick lesbian

is her zero-maintenance girl awaiting the lady to complete getting ready currently. A chapstick lesbian is the sort of wash-and-go
exactly who wears alike denim jeans and white tee daily, sporadically switching their particular coat from denim to leather according to season.

A chapstick lesbian isn’t rather a lip stick lesbian however quite a butch both. They’re strong, but their lip area tend to be because comfortable as reduced pillows.

What do chapstick lesbians appear to be?

Chapstick find more information about lesbians with similar to

soft butches

, or ”


” (mixture off




). They are certainly not rather mascunline-leaning adequate to be looked at butch, however feminine-leaning adequate to be femme. They do not want to be pampered, but understand how to handle themselves. They like a skincare program, assuming that it does not take too much time.

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These lesbians tend to have normally glowy epidermis and only need some Ponds product to remain hydrated. They hold a tub of performing Hands by the bed alongside their Vaseline lip balm. They own three different sets of Birkenstocks and f*cking like to go walking. They wish to build you a residence, but begins with a puppy home initially. Plaid may be the sole design they will use.

Chapstick lesbians tend to be powerful, but their mouth tend to be as soft as down pads.