Issues from the appointment new Whom exercise recommendations inside the pregnant Colombian women

On absence of medical contraindications, physical working out (PA) can offer fitness maternal and fetal health outcomes in pregnancy. However, really expectant mothers may well not envision PA to be feasible, compatible and you may safer. And therefore, it is very important determine the brand new prevalence out-of women that are pregnant whom meet the PA information together with you are able to things for the that fulfilling, since it might be extremely important from the direction off pregnant ladies wellness. The purpose of today’s research would be to present the frequency off conference the nation Health Organization PA recommendations for Colombian expecting feminine, in addition to it is possible to affairs which may be on the conference you to information. A combination-sectional studies in addition to affiliate analysis from the Federal Health Disease Survey (2015) from inside the Colombia is actually Izvrsno mjesto za promatranje did. Investigation was collected into the 2015–2016. Away from an initial decide to try regarding 1140 Colombian expecting mothers, 702 people having over research had been as part of the finally investigation. PA was assessed by notice-said advice from much time brand of the fresh Global Exercise Questionnaire. Numerous prospective products was analysed based on five degrees of the fresh new socioecological model: anyone, interpersonal, business and you can people profile. New frequency from Colombian expectant mothers who met with the PA advice was 7.5%. Indigenous and Mestizo pregnant women displayed straight down probabilities of meeting this new PA information [Indigenous: Or 0.05, 95% CI (0.01–0.18); Mestizo: Otherwise 0.a dozen, 95% CI (0.06–0.22)] than simply Afro-Colombian participants. At exactly the same time, players whom resided close eco-friendly and you will secure room having PA have been more likely to meet the PA advice [Or dos.29, 95% CI (step one.06–4.79)] than those just who didn’t real time near eco-friendly areas. In conclusion, a decreased portion of Colombian expecting mothers satisfied the newest PA suggestions. Brand new contacts located centered on race/ethnicity and you may traditions close environmentally friendly and you may secure components underline the brand new visibility out of simple disparities for the fulfilling PA advice.


Physical exercise (PA), that’s also known as all the muscles movement made by the newest contraction of muscles after all stages from life, preserves and develops cardiorespiratory physical fitness, decreases being obese exposure and its particular related comorbidities and you may results in enhanced longevity 1 . These types of advantages had been and additionally stated getting pregnant women 2 . Regarding the lack of scientific contraindications, PA could offer fitness maternal and you may fetal wellness consequences in pregnancy dos,step three,cuatro,5 . PA reduces the risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and you can blood pressure levels, increased weight while pregnant, issues from inside the childbirth, postpartum despair 4 and you can neonatal difficulties 2,5 . But not, very expectant mothers will most likely not imagine PA to get feasible, suitable and you may secure 6 . It’s been recommended that those individuals pregnant women just who just before maternity usually had been individually energetic can also be continue entering PA while pregnant and the postpartum months dos . However, women that are pregnant having a poor life are going to be highly encouraged to become aware of the new pre-pregnancy and you can maternity levels as the a viable means to have healthier habits, given that stronger behaviours is accompanied inside gestational period and you may can also be exert both small- and you will much time-label benefits during pregnancy seven,8 . Even after this type of benefits, there are many education demonstrating a connection ranging from vigorous do it and you will negative effects (elizabeth.g., higher risk away from low birthweight 9 ). But not, the fresh Industry Fitness Business (WHO) recommendations advise that PA has no harmful influences toward birthweight otherwise increased risk of miscarriage 2 .

Circumstances with the appointment the fresh Exactly who physical activity information in the pregnant Colombian women

With respect to the most recent PA pointers compiled by this new Whom, most of the women that are pregnant (with the exception of individuals with medical contraindications) will be (a) perform a minimum of 150 minute from average strength PA for each week; (b) is a range of one another strength strengthening and you may cardio situations; and you can (c) limit the go out invested performing sedentary habits, replacement inactive habits having effective behaviors of every strength (also light intensity), as it can also provide gurus due to their wellness dos . Furthermore, the new Just who advice suggest that particular PA is preferable to not one, denoting that we now have plus gurus to have undertaking average PA less than brand new 150-min slash-from area compared to the maybe not carrying out any PA 2 . not, a decrease in PA profile can often be noticed in women throughout the maternity step 3,4 . It prevention is usually the consequence of old-fashioned philosophy about the risks of practicing PA during pregnancy. Thus, earlier degree conducted inside the countries other than Colombia possess said an effective ratio off expectant mothers with enough PA levels between 20 so you’re able to 32.5% 4,5,six,7,8,9 .